Fighting between couples is widespread. Most of the family and marriage counselors even say that many fights between the couples will be due to the same reasons.

Here are some of the issues with which couples usually end up fighting for.

  • Extended Family
  • Free time
  • Physical intimacy
  • Money
  • Housework

These are actually considered as the five major issues on which the couples usually brawl. The best way of reducing the chances of hostility due to these above mentioned or even other reasons is by looking for solutions that work excellently well during such situations, which may otherwise end up in a huge fight.

Issues that May Become the Reason for Fights between Couples

If you are from Dayton Ohio and are facing constant fights with your spouse or loved one, then the best way of taking care of the problem is by looking for reputed expert working for marriage counseling Dayton Ohio service. Here are some of the reasons that may become the actual cause of fight between couples.

  • Pointing Fingers

Ego of a person usually makes him not to agree with the fact that the unnecessary issue was actually a part of their mistake too in the overall argument or fight. This factor usually ends up with couples blaming one another.


The best solution for such situations is that couples need to understand that giving in is the only way of making sure that both of them stay happy in their lifetime relationship. Handling their mistakes will surely strengthen their relationship.

  • Siding with Parents

Most of the people follow the idea of involving their parents in every big decision that they have to take or even make in their love or married life. Involving parents from one side usually make the other party feel inferior or even not much important in their spouse’s life.


The main work of the parents, after their son or daughter finds their mate for life, is not to interfere with the life of their child. Interfering here does not mean that showing interest in everything that is going on in their son or daughter’s life. It also becomes the work of the children not to involve their parents in every decision that they have to make in their married or love life.

  • Expecting People to Stay the Same after Wedding, Like they were When Dating

Change is a way of life. Some people learn it very well after their wedding and start making necessary changes in their life, so as to make sure that they lead a dream life. However, this might not be the same with the other person too in a relationship.


Changing is definitely a way of life. However, the changes should be done in such a way that it brings back some good aspects in the relationship, which makes couples to stay together forever, and not to drift apart from one another. Discussing and interaction is the only and best way of making sure that the love will stay forever in any relationship.

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