Dating services are helpful, when you need a date or feel lonely. If it is your first time to call an escort then you may be feeling a little scared. Before, you contact an agency randomly then it is not recommended. Research the escort agencies and even learn about your state laws. After this you can confidently speak with an escort and schedule a date successfully.

Calling an escort service will not get you in legal trouble but to pay for sex can. Phone conversations that involve exchanging money for illegal activities is a crime. Otherwise you can phone, have communication as well as meet an escort.

Look for escort agencies

On the website, you will find many escort agencies listed. Look for one around your residential area. If you live in Paris then look for The agency has high end escorts. You can browse through their escort profile list, where you will find attractive and beautiful photos of many escorts along with their details like height, skin color, hair, what they offer, etc.

Read the ratings, protocols, and prices. Reading all the information will help you get an idea of the person you will talk to.

Call the escort

  • Escorts are professional, so they will never judge your nervousness.
  • Focus on what you want to say.
  • Be friendly and express yourself to the booking agent.
  • Ask for the chosen escort but be prepared because your calls get screened before setting schedules.
  • Never bribe or argue with the booking agent. Never ask for illicit activities.

Schedule the time

Make sure to set a schedule you find possible for you to meet the escort. Time frame may need a little negotiation. They may be booked, so will suggest a close time. If it is fine with you then set a meeting place otherwise choose another escort.

Give your phone number and the meeting location including a restaurant, hotel lobby or a hotel room. If the escort does not feel comfortable with the location then they will not agree, so ensure that you too are comfy with the meeting place.

Escort will ask about how you plan to spend the time. The schedule can be elaborate but you need to pay for that much time. You can stay in, talk over drinks or go out for dinner. As this is a kind of business deal for specific services offered, there has to be price agreement. Some escort charge hourly but make sure not to negotiate. If date goes longer than expected, you will need to pay more.

Meeting with the escort

  • Clean and dress properly because proper hygiene is always appreciated.
  • Cash payment is necessary, so put the agreed price money in an envelope and leave it where she can see it. Before they indulge with you, she will visit the washroom to count the cash.
  • If you are delayed, due to some reason then call the agency to explain your reasons. Be polite and even apologize. If the escort has already reached the meeting place then consider to offer a tip because of the time they invested in traveling.

If the escort you booked was switched to someone else then don’t pay but walk away politely. The transaction was with someone else, so the escort agency will never push you.

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