If your partner does not have squirting orgasm, it does not mean that you are the one who has a problem. This type of reasoning is highly self-defeating for men because there are so many factors that contribute towards squirting of women. Remember sex is about both partners and none of the parties is more important than the other. There are so many things that you can do as a woman to make it easy for you to have a squirting orgasm. You will discover that most of these things don’t even involve the participation of your man.

There are a few things that you need to understand as a woman if you crave for female ejaculation. In this article, we will focus on the physical, psychological, and positional reasons that make women not to squirt during orgasm. Grasping these tips will really take your sex life to a new different level.

  • Psychological Reasons

We have so many women out there who think themselves out of squirting orgasm. The reason for such a thinking is that you have no understanding of the orgasm process. The ejaculation for women emanates from the Skene’s gland which is a gland on the upper wall of your vagina. Just before you attain orgasm, you will start feeling like you are about to urinate and that feeling will spread throughout your body.

If you worry that you are about to urinate, you will lose the feeling of sexual abandonment that normally results into squirting orgasm. As a woman, you should be aware of this process to help you relax and orgasm. If you allow the watery feeling to go away, you will find yourself having an explosive ejaculation.

  • Physical Problems

Several women have the problem of weak pelvic floor muscles. The women who try to use Kegel exercises to strengthen these muscles experience a pleasant side effect. You will increase your duration and power of orgasm. It is good news for any person who wants to achieve squirting of women during orgasm. One of the things that block you from having squirting orgasm is a weak pelvic floor.

  • Positional Reasons

There are so many reasons that will make the woman not to squirt during orgasm. If you try everything else and it is not working, the reason could be your positioning. Most women easily ejaculate when they raise their hips and open their legs. Therefore, having a pillow under your lips can aid your orgasm. It is good to make sure that you are in the right position to achieve squirting.

  • Female Ejaculation for the Couples

When both parties begin to work toward having orgasm, it will reinforce the point that sex is about the two of you. Therefore, you will begin to work together to make sure that everyone has a better experience during sex. After you communicate emotionally and physically, mind-blowing sex will become a critical component for both of you. It will no longer be hard for your partner to achieve squirting orgasm.

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