Most vape user know that investing in a vape pen is always a safe alternative to smoking. However, many people may not able to properly upkeep their vape pen and as a result, it can also impact the safe use of this device

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Those who have started vaping very recently must have picked certain bad habits of not properly keeping their vape pens clean. So, let us discuss in this article about cleaning your vape pen.

Why do you need to clean your vape pen?

There are three main reasons why you must clean your vape pen, which is as follows:

  1. Most of the vape pen users clean their vape pen once a month, or sometimes they even never care. However, not maintaining your vape pen will only lead to its rapid deterioration and soon your expensive vape pen will become useless. That will be a total waste of your hard-earned money.
  2. Another very important reason why you must always keep it clean because it may affect your health. Many believe that using a vape pen is a safer alternative to smoking, but over time residues developed from marijuana in whatever form, you may be inhaling will build-up and can be harmful to you.
  3. Finally, there is just no excuse for not cleaning your vape pen. You can do this very quickly and also it is a very easy task to do.

Follow these easy steps for cleaning your vape pen

Here are 5 easy steps to follow for cleaning your vape pen in a very quick manner.

  • Dismantle your vape

You can unscrew all the different components of your vape pen carefully starting from the heating chamber and then mouthpiece. Empty the chamber so that no residue is present in it. This can be done by little tapping out the contents.

  • Brush your device

Your supplier of vape pens too must have supplied a cleaning brush along with the vape pen. You can use the same and clean or remove if you find any dry particles present as a residue inside the chamber.

  • Clean the mouthpiece

If you cannot detach the mouthpiece then you can start by running it under lukewarm water. Also, you may use a cotton cloth for wiping in and around your mouthpiece to make sure that it is clean and completely clear of any particles.

  • Reassemble the vape pen

Now you can reassemble your vape pen which is also a straightforward process after you have cleaned and also dried your vape pen. You can also screw it back to assemble and ensure that everything is dried out and properly attached.

  • Light up again

After you have finished the above 4 steps, then once again press its micro button a few times for restarting the vape pen and it must work well.

The whole process may not take more than 5 to 10 minutes once you are used to maintaining it regularly.

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