Orgasms offer the most incredible sexual pleasure, but reaching that pinnacle is not always easy. Sadly, many women never climax during intimacy. While not attaining orgasm during masturbation can be frustrating, getting that ecstasy moment is indefinable. If you are looking to reach the big “O” consistently and more intensely, here are a few helpful tips.

We Vibe Nova Vibrator

Always remember, ‘You are special.’

Trends are often changing, every person is unique, and therefore each experience will also be unique to the individual. What works for your best friend may or may not work for you. Take time to let your body speak to you and heighten your body awareness. Some learn how to women achieve vibrational orgasms, and some prefer penetration orgasms. You are quickly learning what makes an enormous difference in identifying what positively stimulates your body.

Experiment seriously

Take your time and experiment intently—many sex toys explicitly designed for women to be used and enjoyed with as much as they want.

Learn what sex toys are best for you at Lovify. Specifications on each product page showcasing stamina and strength meters to help you decide. Everybody is unique, and the big “O” is worth your time spent.

Treat your clit like a princess – learn, love, and worship it.

The clitoris is the part of a women’s anatomy that can get stimulated in multiple ways. It can be simple touching, fingertip tracing, light or heavy massaging in circles, or vibration. Many sex experts recommend trying variations of touch with your partner or solo to identify what stimulates your body. Few women can orgasm purely through clitoral stimulation. However, this area of the body is ultra-sensitive and can aid you in your quest for the big orgasm.”

Go slow 

Again, this isn’t a race, and usually, rushing the process won’t get you there any faster or at all. Every woman is unique in the pressure and type of vibration they will require to achieve that toe clenching, muscle tensing pleasure. Vibration comes in so many different patterns, strengths, and styles. Some have a deep rumbly vibration, while others have a more buzzy high pitch type feeling; time is needed for proper exploration.

Exploring your vagina

If you’ve mastered the external vibration game, you can now move on to internal vibrators or dual rabbit-type vibrators to achieve your goal. G-spot vibrators can give you intense orgasm if you take your time and find the right one. They will have a bulbous, slightly curved end. Dual stimulation vibrators or “rabbit” vibrators are the best of both worlds and will step up your journey to the big “O.”

Never be afraid about anus play

During masturbation, nothing is off-limits; you can stimulate the sensitive nerves in the anal sphincter for extra pleasure. You will study that the anal and vaginal canal are adjoining, so when inserting a sex toy in the anus or vagina, it increases pressure around your partner’s penis and gives you a “fuller” feeling. This feeling can also increase your arousal and can push you toward your goal.

The sex toy world has evolved

The sex toy world is continually evolving. Companies are now created by women for women, with the help of engineers and robotics companies. Women sex toy designers are creating non-gendered products that can ideally suit everyone’s sexual identity and needs.


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