Dildos are the best substitution for the male genital organ during sex. Even though they do not exactly look like one, you can put it in your anus, vagina, and even mouth while pleasuring your body.

You can find dildos in many shapes, sizes, designs, and curves. You can find the one that can successfully stimulate your g-spot or prostate. The best way of finding the right dildo or other such pleasurable toys is by visiting Canada’s favorite adult sex toy shop NUUD Canada. They are the top name when it comes to finding the best quality sexy wears and sex toys and can help you find what you are looking for in one shop.

Types of Dildos 

Here are some of the kinds of dildos that are available for you to enjoy toe-curling orgasm.

  • Vibrating dildos
  • Ones that are made to resemble the size and shape of the male genital organ
  • Metal or glass dildos
  • Designed with the idea of strapping with the harness
  • Ones that are designed to get attached to the surface with a suction base
  • Double sides dildos that are made for two partners to use together during sex

The archeologists have unearthed a dildo-like substance that is approximately 25 to 28 thousand years old. This proves that dildos were in use by the women belonging to ancient eras as well to pleasure themselves without the need of a partner.

Why Dildos Are Popular 

Here are some of the reasons that have made dildos quite famous in the world of people who enjoy self-pleasuring.

  • Dildos can be used by people belonging to all genders.
  • The expert for sexual issues recommends using dildos to take care of some problems such as pelvic floor muscle spasms, vaginismus, and so on. Hence, they are used for medical purposes as well.
  • When used, dildos can offer perfect stimulation of the prostate, g-spot, and other such pleasuring spots in the anus and vagina. They are used for enhanced arousal during sex play.

How to Use? 

After closing your bedroom blinds and lighting some candles to help you with getting into the mood, you can start using your sex partner. The dildo type that you use can become an excellent sex partner for you to help with your release when you need one while listening to a piece of erotic music or while reading an erotic novel, and so on.

You can make use of some tips to make your time. The tips can be screaming, grabbing onto the bed sheets, crying during orgasms, arching your back, and so on. No matter what your pleasuring position is, the dildo can guarantee a toe-curling orgasm when in your body.

Techniques to Use Dildos 

  1. Deep thrusting
  2. Shallow and short thrusting
  3. Rocking it out
  4. Turning the unit
  5. Milking the g-spot
  6. The feeling of filling inside you
  7. Anal thrusting
  8. Double penetration

Choose the method that works perfectly for you and enjoy a mind-blowing orgasm, every time your body requires pleasure without the help of a sex partner.

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